Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Have Been Promoting My Handcrafted Items

I have been promoting like crazy! Hopefully all the promotion will turn into lots of sales.

I am sharing what type of promotions tactics.

For Twitter -, I update almost everyday. I update mainly about items I am passionate about. Believe it or not I mainly tweet about personal opinions. I try not to tweet to many listings because then I' ll lose followers.

I also use twitter applications to help me manage twitter. is a great twitter manager and is a great tool for viewing who is not following you.

This thread on was also great for tips on boosting twitter followers -

I created the following thread on to get an idea of social sites that have brought in traffic

I noticed that a lot of members recommended, so I created an account - I have found that Flickr is a great way to show off your items. I love that I can display photos of my items without limitations. Flickr also gives you the capabilities of automatic photo sharing with other social site.

Additionally, you can join groups within and post your photos within those groups.

All in all any social site that allows me to show off my creations and hopefully gain a sale, I will use it.

My next venture will be to work on this blog further and facebook. I will post my results soon.

Lots of Luck.


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