Monday, March 2, 2009

About one month ago I got an idea for a necklace design. I thought about this design almost everyday. The design included a multi-link pendant that would cover a good portion of the collar bone. However, I was unsure of the type of multi-link pendant to design. For instance, should the pendant include gemstones, beads, or chains. I also could not decide how I would link the pendant together. I experimented with different designs, but none of them satisfied my vision. Until one night it finally came to me. While making rings for my hoop earring line, it occured to me I can use these same rings and linked them on a chain. Before I knew it I created this necklace. My vision was finally satisfied. I am so excited about this design because now I can create another necklace similar to this one, only instead of linking rings, I will link gemstones or maybe chains. So very excited to see what designs lies ahead. Enjoy viewing!


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