Monday, March 30, 2009

How to create a free background for your Twitter page

I figured I include details on how to customize your Twitter page for free. Since I have an online store at and use Twitter to help me with sales, I felt I had to create a Twitter page that will give a glance into what it is I create and sell. Anyway, I hope this post helps.

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Here are the steps

1. I used Photoscape to create my background page. You can download Photoscape for free here

2. Once you downloaded Photoscape go to the "page" tab. In this tap you can drag your images into any layout you choose.

3. Save your layout onto designated folder.

4. Log onto your twitter account

5. Click onto twitter settings

6. Click onto designs

7. Choose your design layout

8. Then scroll to the bottom and upload your save background

9 Click on "don't use background image"

10. Click on "tile background image" to spread your background

11. Click on save changes and that is all


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