Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Creating with Wire!

Love creating earrings with wire. Most of my created earrings are created using Artistic 20 gauge non-tarnish wire. I also create earrings using sterling silver 20 gauge dead soft wire. The type of wire and strength of wire is so important for my creations. I want wire that will hold its shape securely and will bloom with beauty. For instance, copper artistic wire is one of my favorite colored wire. I love the shine it brings to a finished creation.

Creating with wire is absolutely so much fun. I can twist, cut, turn, bend, loop, wrap and flex a wire into a fantastic pair of earrings. I will admit some of my earring creations resulted from playing around with a wire. However, after continuous practicing, I now create instantly.

Creating hoop wire earrings are my favorite. I think it is because of the appearance of them. Hoop earrings are so noticeable, especially when combined with the right bead or gemstone.

As I keep mentioning on this post, I adore creating with wire. I look fowarded to expanding my wire designs to creations I never thought possible!

Enjoy my collage of wire earrings.
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