Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Wonderful Inspiring People of Etsy - Part 1

I am so happy to be a part of www.etsy.com. I have met wonderful people. People who are doing things that they love. People who have decided to make their lives fulfilling. People who are driven to live a happy life. When I view an item on www.etsy.com I get so inspired. I am inspired simply because most of the items were created by people with a passion for doing what they love. People who have not allowed themselves to believe they can not accomplish something. People who have taught themselves to create something extraordinary. People who are happy.

I created a forum asking etsy sellers to tell their stories on how they started and I was so amazed in reading the responses. I am posting them here in the hopes to inspire someone to do what they love. Also, please visit their stores. You will be amazed at the creations.

www.silvermooncrafts.etsy.com - Handmade Sterling Silver and Copper jewelry

The creator of this shop has been creating since she was a little girl. She started by drawing her own paper dolls and design clothes for them. However 7 years ago she was looking for beaded Christmas ornament patterns on the Internet and discovered beaded jewelry and instantly became hooked. She has been creating jewelry and selling it since.

My Favorite Silver Moon Craft Item

www.woolybits.etsy.com - Hand knit, dog sweaters, bags

The creator of this shop started knitting when she was living in Ireland. She picked it up from magazine articles. She loved making Aran sweaters and things for her kids. Until about 2 years ago, she never thought about selling any of her things - until her middle daughter wanted an Aran sweater for her "child" too - her child is a beagle! The sweater was a huge hit - Toby's modeling sold about 7 sweaters and then her daughter sold about a dozen more at a work craft fair.

My Favorite Wooly Bits Item

www.wildhare.etsy.com - Handspun Yarns, Hand-painted rovings, spinning batts

This creator began when she was just a toddler, her great-grandmother watched her while her mother worked each day. Her great-grandmother was a phenomenal quilter and crocheter and seamstress, and taught her the basics of those skills before she started kindergarten. From her she inherited her grandmother's spinning wheel. She has been spinning ever since. She also taught herself to knit when she was in junior high school, from a 'learn to knit' booklet.

My Favorite Wild Hare Item

The "wife" half creator of Scenic New York, was taught by her mother. When she was around 5 years old she received a fisher price 110 camera. Her mother loved photography, and took her on little day trips around the area they lived to take pictures. Sometimes her mother would let her use her camera, a 35MM Miranda SLR (which she now owns-it was sent by her mother a few years ago). As a teen, she used to go to garage sales to buy vintage cameras (usually old, broken Brownies) and collect them. She also had a Polaroid and a Kodak 110 that she spent a lot of allowance money on film. For a few years when her husband and her were first married they didn't have the money for film and development, but they eventually got another inexpensive 35MM. Then he got a chance to borrow his dad's old Nikon SLR, and the bug bit again (he also has a life long interest in photography). The wife creator eventually got a 4 mega pixel point and shoot Minolta, then moved up to their current Canon Rebel XT (he uses a Canon 30D).

The shop itself was born when they decided they needed to break away from their previous fulfillment partner and do this on their own. They chose Scenic New York so they could have a cohesive theme, as well as highlight the beauty of the state they call home. Scenic New York is more than photos, it will include some handmade crafts. Although, photography was and always will be their first "love" in the art and handmade world!

My Favorite item from Scenic New York - Foggy Day At The Lake Photograph 8X10


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